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make your own mala

Paletten - 'Byggstenar; 'baspärlor', 'stationer & garn till tofsen

Här hittar du alla 'byggstenar' för att kunna sätta ihop ditt alldeles egna, unika smycke. Eller lägg bara till en personlig twist på någon av mina designer. 

Här har jag samlat alla material jag använder just nu; från 'baspärlorna till metallpärlorna och ädelstenspärlorna jag använder för färg och frekvens, liksom de olika garnerna. Jag hittar hela tiden nya stenar och garner och lägger till efter hand. 

Så skrolla gärna ner en bit för att se inspirationsfoton och bilder på de olika byggstenarna och sätt ihop din egen mala! :)


This is where you find all the 'building blocks' to put together your own, unique mala. Or just add a personal twist to one of my existing designs! Just scroll down if you want to get started. :)

On this page I'va gathered all the materials that I use at the moment, from the 'base beads' to the metal and the semi-precious beads I use for color and energy as well as the different yarns. I add new stuff all the time as I find new amazing stone beads and lovely yarns.

My idea is for you to be inspired by my jewellery and either simply buy one that you like in the store, order one but in a different size or actually put together your own, unique mala or bracelet. 

Below is the 'palette' of building blocks of beads and yarns and some inspirational photos. So scroll down and  have fun! :)

BUILDING BLOCKS; Basic beads, 'stations' & yarn for the tassel

Below you'll find all the different materials I use in my malas. First are the basic beads; either lotus seeds or wooden beads in different colors and sizes. Next are the semi-precious stone beads of many different kinds and colors. Then I show all the metal beads that I use and last but not least the yarns, mostly linnen and cotton yarns in all the colors of the rainbow. Stone beads and yarns in happy colors are better than candy to me! I can't get enough... ;)  So scroll down and have a look!

Lotus seeds - sorted in three different colors
Wooden beads - three different colors
Semi-preicious stone beads
Red & pink
Orange and yellow
Blue, blue-turquoise
Brown, black and white
Metal beads
Antique silver plated
Antique copper & copper plated
Antique gold plated
Antique bronze plated
Purple, red & pink
Orange & yellow
Black, grey, beige & white
Blue & turquoise
Green & aqua
Wooly sock yarn (raggsocksgarn)
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